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Introduction Public relation practices can be defined as a humane conversation, (Maier, 2015). The public relation practice case study that will be analysed in this essay will be the Singapore’s first nationwide campaign to fight the haze. The campaign is conducted by a non-government group in Singapore to gain attention on the issue of “We breathe what we buy”, a campaign initiated by concerned citizens (Press release: Singapore's first nationwide campaign to fight the haze, 2015). The strategy is to reduce the uncertainty and provide consistency, to aid in research and to communicate well with the stakeholders (Mintzberg, 1987). The emergent and adaptive strategy or deliberate can used to adapt to the environment below in these essay evidence…show more content…
There are three non- profitable organisations that are organising these campaign for the support of the public to aid in the society breathing clean air (Mobius, 2015). The strategy and theory will be analysed further in this report. This report will include how the strategy is applied, why the ethical theory is applicable to this campaign, the benefits and drawbacks of this approach and the summary of the…show more content…
The definition of theories is to Theories such as the rhetorical theory has been used to explore the language, sign and symbol that are selected to produce the campaign’s meaningful texts and the effect that those text will have on each individual that will come across the campaign message. The theory used to reach out to the public will be the ethical theory in which it explores the human behaviour for the obligations that are rendered to others. The PR channel used for this campaign will be through online media, social media and print. The tactic for online media will be the website where the pledge is taking place. The tactics or in other words the message brand strategy is the use of social media platforms such as, first will be Facebook through the postings, Instagram through the poster of the campaign or a short video clip of the message, and Twitter by the tweets and updates of what the organisation or stake holders are doing to educate the public or on details of produces that are not sustainable, and lastly will be Youtube is where videos on the campaign. The benefit of using social media is so that not only Singaporeans will be educated on the sustainable practices, public from Asia and across the globe can be aware of the campaign message. Print will be news article or new papers like Today and the Strait Times can reach out to the

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