Public School Is Better Than Private School Essay

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The debate between the comparison of private and government educational institutes will go on till eternity. Both have their own significance in their respective fields. Both types of institutes have much to nurture and reproduce the future champions of Malaysia. Many parents feel private school better than government school. They want best for their children and it is a normal perception that private schools are way better than government schools in terms of quality and academic excellence. is that true?
Private school which means a school that is established, conducted, and primarily supported by a non governmental agency. public school which means a free tax-supported school controlled by a local governmental authority.

In my opinion, private schools provide better education. There are several advantages studying in private schools. One of the main advantages is the number of students in a class. Private schools have small numbers of students and small community atmosphere. The ratio of students in a class is 20-25 only. Therefore, teacher can focus better on individual student rather than having a whole crowd of 50 students to teach. The curriculum is mainly in English compare to government schools. This will help the students in their future when they
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Private schools are working more independently to makes changes to the systems according to the advancement of technology. Whereas government schools have lesser opportunity as they depend on the government funding. Despite all these, parents choose between private and public schools depending on their income and capability. There are still good private and public schools outhere. At the end of the day, it is about choosing a school where it can help help the student’s future academic, career and personal success. A good students can pass in any schools if he or she work
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