Public Service Ethics In Criminal Justice

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With any agency or department under the criminal justice umbrella, it is vital that the vision and overall goals of their existence are to be responsible for supporting the will of the majority and protecting the privileges of all people. These principles are outlined in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution which directs individuals who are associated with the criminal justice system shall “ensure justice” and advocate “domestic tranquility” (Cronkhite, 2013, p.297). Agency employees that work in the criminal justice system must follow concepts that exercise discretion, which are the decisions that can deny a citizen their life, liberty or property. These employees will enforce the law and preserve the constitutional rights of the public such…show more content…
CBP is vigilant in establishing the safety of all Americans. These core values are consistent with the principles of public service ethics, which emphasizes gaining the public’s trust and not falling victim to matters that are not in line with the good of the society. As a border patrol officer, there is consistent access to influences that would endanger an officer 's professional ethics. In a year CBP screens sixty-seven thousand containers and seizes six tons of illicit drugs(U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 2018). While being exposed to many unethical temptations the Border Patrol Officers are required to safeguard the Constitution of the United States and protect homeland as well as uphold Americans freedoms. The most important concept that is echoed throughout the criminal justice profession is integrity. CBP and the Fort Collins Police Department imply that this principle is the cornerstone of their agency and places the utmost emphasis on ethical and moral principles. The significance of the concept is to ensure that officers understand what conducts honor for your organization and…show more content…
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