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The literature review will be reviewed the relevant literature and internet sources, the conceptual of public spaces and community spaces as well as the report of public space and social interaction in order to make a theoretical frameworks for knowledge and understand the problems of social interaction in modern world, especially in the high-rise building, the most common construction in urban area.
1. Public space – the conceptual delimitations and introduction
The literature review of this research relies on the definition of public space which provides a theoretical base to investigate the basic knowledge of the public space and the community place (also semi-public space). The literature review will include all the
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Understanding public space and place in community space (semi-public space) and public
The relation between people and environment will be based on the public space because of this is the good place for people having social action and improve their mental health. This action is not only have meaning in healthy but also in mental. The relation among the quality of the public spatial and the issues of segregation and daily life is the major goal of this paper. Hence, this section will give for the reader the definitions and discussions on the major concepts by review the relevant literature and give the differences brief reports and results.
Another name of public space is social space that is open for everyone in general (Hadley & Marc, March 1, 2010). Typically, types of public spaces are street, public squares, community area, communal space, parks… For a limitation extent, the public spaces are divided in many spaces which can open for freely accessing such as public libraries, although they have limited accessing or restricted
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The core of public space is the place where people can participate and have some actions such as sport, healthy or communication with the other. The public area in residential building has the important aspect in economy, social and emotional. In addition, it represents for the cultural of residences in the specific building. However, the response is belong to local authorizes and urban planners in this area. Over the time, public spaces have been concentrated by socialists, urban planners and geographers. At the beginning, the public spaces were defined as an area that can be easily for everyone to access at any time. With the development of social and city, it became to a complicated definition which relevant to property, using and design of these spatial. As the result, R. Sennett said about the drop and end of public space because of these factor (Sennett, 1992) meanwhile Carr S. is finding a new pattern of modern life and it seems be a drama of living together in an enormous building (Carr, et al., 1993). Base on the traditional history and the reports, public spaces have a same pattern but they still have the differences in some factor such as historical, cultural, social even though the behavior of people in specific residential
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