Public Speaking Reflection Paper

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In the past, I have participated in a lot of classes and professional training dealing with many different types topics, but unfortunately, public speaking and or communications played very little roles in these classes. I will be talking about my past experiences public speaking and what I 'm expecting to gain out of SVC 101.
I have been in the US Air Force for 12.5 years now, I did not do any real Professional Military Education (PME) until about the five year mark where I went through Airman leadership school, (ALS), where we dabbled very briefly on public speaking. Fast Forward 7 years later I honestly can 't remember much from the class. Since then I have had the opportunity to do a couple public speeches, some of which have been in front of rather large crowds. I can remember waiting to get up in front of everyone and not being nervous at all but as soon as I got on stage I felt like Eminem (palms were all sweaty because of mom 's spaghetti). The majority of my public speeches were very impromptu and I did not have much time (if any) to prepare for luckily for me and the spectators most of the speeches were very scripted (military promotion/ retirement ceremonies), I was not prepared for them at all.
Over the years I have had the pleasure to sit through multiple speeches, monthly commander 's calls, and safety briefings, you name it I’ve probably had to sit and endure the pain. I always try to give my undivided attention to the presenter because I know he/she
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