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How long has it been since I last given a speech or presentation? That 's a great question. It 's been a very long time since, and when I say that I mean I haven 't given a formal speech or actual presentation since I was in high school. With that being said I have an internship with the Kearney Area Community Foundation, where I present information to my boss and sometimes even the board of directors when showing them new web designs, which requires presentation like skills. Also, with being a graphic design major, my art classes such as Typography I and Graphic Applications require me to present materials and ideas to the class and professors in a presentation type form. The type of speeches or presentation I have given in the pass…show more content…
Three of my strengths when speaking in public would be my hand gestures, the ability to look people in the eye and speaking calming and slow enough for others to understand. I learned these skills from my boss at KACF where she speaks publicly whether it be for the news, radio or public events. With this skills I have become a reasonably calm and confident speaker. Three challenges I face when speaking in public is first worrying what others might think of me, mispronouncing a word and chocking up about it mid speech and finally getting the shivers that show in my voice because I become nervous. These scenarios often occur when I am not comfortable with my environment and those involved. Another trigger is when I do not feel confident in myself and know there are better presenters than me. I will use my three strengths to assist myself in overcoming challenges that I may come in contact by first, reminding myself of the skills I possess, second using my eye contact and hand gestures to remind the audience that I am confident with what I am presenting and third remembering I have a clear and calm voice that will allow those to understand what I am speaking about. These three strengths will allow me to provide a well presented speech and show others that I am confident in what I am talking

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