Public Transportation In Indonesia

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Public transportation in Indonesia now days
Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the world without decent and functioning public transportation system. Our public transportation issue is not only limited to the large city such as Jakarta, Surabaya or Medan, but it is encompassing many intra-cities transportation and intra-islands transportation system. It is one of the largest and complex issues that government and private sectors domestically and internationally must tackle from all front.

Fig. 1 : Percentage of Indonesia’s transportation way
Source: press release, dephub, solidiance analysis
For a past decade the average of public transportation user has decrease rapidly. Ten years ago, public transportation user are 45% from
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In 2013, Bekasi’s local goverment found that two thousands driver does not even have a driving lisence, and nine hundred of them are still under aged. Meanwhile, in Bogor, The city that call “Kota Sejuta Angkot” only 30% of angkot driver in bogor has driving lisence It is possible that similar condition can be found in another area. In term of integration, most of the public transportation system in most of the cities are not in a good integration. Many mode of transportation are not integrated well.

Another transportation system like intra-cities and intra-island transportation is not without problem. The number of accident because unappropriate vehicle is increase every year. Old buses that are forced to operate, Revamping unit of airplane that finally crashed, The trains that never on time, the ship that countinously decreasing. All those fact are showing there is a big problem in our public transportation system.

Industry Perspective: the beneficiaries and the aggrieved
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Inviting foreign investor could be a good way in term of educating the local investor improving the public transportation business. Airplane business could be a good example, there are open competition between providers either local or foreign company, so that we could see that every company both local or forein are improving their services from time to time.
Giving incentive to support the local entrepreneurs could be anothers good way to be done by the goverment. This incentives hopely could slow down the price of public transportation, remind that most of public transportation user does not have ability to afford expensve transportation. What pople exactly need are cheap transportation not a cheap car which are definitely different.
Educating public about the benefit of using public transportation is also an important factor. Obligating public to use public transportation in a certain day every month, could be the first step regarding this education. Of course it will not be easy, but like an old quotes say if there is a will there is a way, this is a long time journey with many challenges, but just like Obama says “YES we

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