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FINAL ASSIGNMENT 1.0 Introduction 1.1 City Contex Curitiba is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Paraná. Which is located in the continent/region of South America. The city is located about 250 kilometers [150 miles] southwest of Sao Paulo The city 's population numbered approximately 1,760,500 people as of 2010 (Wikipedia). Figure: Location of Curitiba Source : The main economic activity in Curitiba are services, manufacturing and commerce. The living cost in Curitiba is similar like others city in southern Brazil. The climate is cooler than northern city in Brazil. 1.2 Successful in Transportation System Migration from rural area to city center make Curitiba as the fastest growing urban area in Brazil.…show more content…
2.0 Transportation planning policies in the selected city 2.1 Review and analysis of the policies Realizing the demand produce of population and economic growth. So The city constructed a public transportation system to move people easily throughout the city area and surrounding. Start at 1966, city planner in Curitiba start makes Masterplan for the city with the Land use and transportation network and transportation as a key and guiding the growth. Key directions are the following: • Master plan supports the Integrated Transportation system. Focus more to control urban sprawl, reduction of urban traffic decongestion and also supports urban development. Also preserve city historic district. Before developing the transportation system corridor, the planner build low income housing, to allow low income households easy access to commerce, job, and recreation. So low income households close to transportation routes and close to the Curitiba Industrial…show more content…
Then it should be also increasing the people walking and cycling from the station to their destination. So its also require the green network to increase people comfort when they walking. So he application that can be doe in Johorbaru based on Curitiba case study is to enhance the infrastructure of Public transportation, make the landuse more 5.0 Conclusion References Shifting people out of cars.Curitiba, Brazil’s transport and zoning policies. Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap for Asia and the Pacific. (date of access: 15 december2014). Curitiba. (access date: 21 december2014). Curitiba, Brazil Brt Case Study,pdf. (access date :17 Desember 2014). Robinovitch,Jonas. 1995. A Sustainable Urban Transportation System: The surface Metro in Curitiba Brazil. (Acess date :17 December 2014) Fouracre,P.R. The development of public transportation in Curitiba ,Brazil.1975.Transport and research laboratory.

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