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Bautista, Paolo Rafael W. ENGLCOM C39B 11300175 12/1/2014 Thesis statement: The Philippine public transportation system (PTS) can be improved by upgrading the transport facilities, by the strict implementation of rules and regulations, and by the election of a competent leader to carry out these changes. I. Introduction A. Public transportation 1. Definition 2. History B. Public transportation in the Philippines 1. History 2. Types i. MRT/LRT ii. Jeepney iii. Taxis iv. Buses C. Main problem with the PTS in the Philippines 1. Outdated facilities 2. Lack of organized system D. Thesis statement II. Body A. Upgrading the PTS in the Philippines 1. Renovation of the public transportation stations 2. Implementation…show more content…
It is specifically speaking on the transportation facility. Public transportation started with the ferry system, this can be seen as early in greek mythology. Other historical forms of transportation were the stagecoaches used to escort a group from town to town. However, the biggest change in the history of public transportation is the introduction of the railway system. (Definition) The history of public transportation in the Philippines started with the “kalesa” these carriages were pulled by harnessed horses as a form of travel around our country. The idea of the kalesa has been adapted to many different forms, such as, the pedicab and tricycles. This invention is seen as the prime model that the present day people strive to make better. This public facility ranges from the LRT/MRT, buses, jeepneys, taxis, tricycles, and pedicabs. (Definition) This current technology is not sustainable for the Philippines to progress. True, this technology does work and has been working for the past decades. But, the truth is that the current public transportation system of the Philippines is outdated and is in dire need of an upgrade. Through the years the Philippine government should have been working on fixing these public facilities. And as a matter of fact some of these modes of transportation are no longer deemed as effective. (Compare and…show more content…
The current public facilities in the Philippines are not exactly up to date and are actually in dire need of an upgrade. The lack of a load card in the LRT/MRT system is really disturbing. They still resort to the use of tickets which in turn adds to the travel time from place to place. The implementation of a load card would greatly speed up the commuting process. It would also make this public facility more accessible to those who can afford this facility. The accessibility of the travel information to the commuting public is also in need of renovation. With the simple addition of a hub station containing each schedule of MRT/LRT, buses along with alternative travel options would greatly benefit the public. (Cause and

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