Public Transportation Vs Public Transport

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USING PUBLIC TRANSPORT VS USING OUR OWN TRANSPORTATION. Nowadays, most people in the world have their own vehicles. This is because of our country has become more forward as this is the era of millennium. So, the transport has also increase day by day as most of teenagers also have their own transport and want to ride their own transport to make them easy to go from one place to another place. The sales of transport also dramatically increase as more users buy their own transportation. The road deaths index that was taken from the official website of The Road Safety Department show that they were 2789 deaths reported. This is because of many people using transportation but did not aware about the safety rules at the highway and other reasons. When using public transport it has their own safety rules same goes when using our own vehicles so that we can safely arrive to our destiny. It’s had their own advantages and disadvantages when using public transport or our own transportation. So what will I choose whether the public transport or our own transportation? Of course I choose public transport. But why I chose it? I chose public transport such as monorail rather than using my own transportation such as car or motorcycle because it can reduce pollution. This is because the carbon monoxide from the cause of using fuel from petrol produced carbon monoxide that is not good for our health and will make disaster to our mother earth. Most road transport use petrol to move, the

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