Publix Company Case Study

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Publix Company was started by George W. Jenkins in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida. George was one of the first individuals who had started the grocery business with the intention of stressing goods of high-quality goods and great customer service. As much as most of his opponents initially concentrated in the productivity and cost, Publix’s mission was based on the satisfaction of the customers with the front of the store reading “where shopping is a pleasure (Figart, 2017).” The company has provided the employees with a significant amount of control over the parts of the store where they work. Publix is the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States. Publix is one of the 10 largest-volume supermarket chains in the US, and they…show more content…
The branch off to Miami, Fl, was followed by the opening of a warehouse in 1963. The intentions of the warehouse were to service the increasing number of the supermarkets that were being opened in Miami (Mujtaba & Johnson, 2016). In the 1970s, with Florida getting held by a wave of discount, Publix launched its discount chain called Food World. This was followed by the introduction of the in-store photofinishing that provided a roll of film for every role it established. Within a decade, the company gave an account for 12 percent of the total photofinishing trade in its area of marketing and had over 24 discount stores. The firm had a sales volume of $2 billion by 1979, 234 stores and approximately 26,000 employees. It also had a tax averaging about 1.7% value that was far ahead of its competitors. The company was the principal chain of grocery in Daytona Beach and St. Petersburg controlling 30.6 percent of the marketplace. In Miami, it formed the second chief store occupying 26 percent of the market. Today, there is high growth of the company, having taken advantage of evolving technology. Publix has remained a favorite for most consumers, and it has the highest shopping experience score (Figart, 2017). It offers its customers an ample amount of options for their shopping pleasure, a favorable shopping experience and commitment to delivering premier

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