Publix Core Competencies

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Food is required in order to live as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle. Potassium, fiber, fat, calories, sodium, along with a bunch of vitamins are required for human body. Calories give us vitality to move around and do our day to day work. From past food industry in United States has grown so much. In world the food industry is marked as great diversity and variety in terms of both presentation and flavor. For a country’s economic development an important role is played by the food industry of that country. One of the greatest food industries is Publix and I am so great full to be part of it. While working at Publix I discovered that how people and food are connected. And working as a clerk at Publix I contribute to people and food connection by making sure there is no unsafe food, check expiry date of a product, broken lid etc. One of the reasons why I like working at Publix is they have training once or twice in a month for an hour. The training mainly focuses on products safety and customer service. This consistence training and communication helps to develop…show more content…
The client feel appreciated and constantly awed in the event that they get the most excellent service and whole management respect customers need. The impacts of consumer loyalty on client maintenance bring into presence to be a vital and positive. In particular, consumer loyalty influences the aims to keep re-customers. Consumer needs is basic to the administration of the food industry, which is typically the reason should be a particular notice rehash deals, client dedication and positive unfounded information. More satisfied clients mean long term customers. For the most part, in Publix it offers a wide range of food products. This is to address the issues of everybody with an alternate taste in nourishment, and along these lines draw in more clients to
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