Publix Vs Walmart Comparison Essay

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When one goes to fill out a job application there are probably many thoughts running through ones’ mind. “Is this the right job for me, how much is the base pay, do they have good benefits, etc.” However not too many people take the time to do the research on the company that they are applying for. Instead they find out how great the company is or how horrible once they become apart of the company. Although there are some companies that are well known prior to people applying to them. Publix and Walmart are two well known retail companies that hold great and horrendous job standards. When you talk about a multi-million-dollar corporation that has almost any and everything that a consumer could ask for in one retail store the first place that comes to mind would natural be Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart strives in customers first policy. Constantly making sure that whatever a customer wants or needs it can be accomplished. Wal-Mart also strives and lives on the motto of “Every day Low Prices.” This motto has gone so far that they now price match to other stores for the customers. This simply means that if the same product is found at another store for a cheaper price Wal-Mart will sell it to the customer for the price that it was found listed as at the other store. Customer…show more content…
Publix Strives for great customer service as well as great employee treatment. The environment is so welcoming when you walk into Publix. The employees are always willing and wanting to go out their way to help a customer, employees always have a welcoming demeanor towards all of their customers. All of these positive attitudes steam from how Publix treats their employees. Treating them not as what is seen in their computer system as another number, but a person who has to take care of their house hold, or pay their way through school. Publix sees the ripple effect of treating their employees good and how it runs over on to the employees treating their customers even

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