Puck And Bottom In Midsummer Night's Dream

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Midsummer Night’s Dream.

One of William Shakespeare most promising work written in the 1595 to 1596 is ‘’Midsummer Night’s Dream’’, is a comedy that portrays the events that surrounded the marriage of Theseus, the Duke of Athens, to the Amazons. The story was fascinating to me as I was reading but the two characters who caught my eye the most, and made the story more fun to read or watch was Puck and Bottom, Puck is also known as the Robin Good fellow, his character was based on an ancient figure found in English mythology called puck as goes the name. Wise ole Puck as i prefer to call him, is the smartest and mischievous elf, or jester you will ever meet, he also personifies the wise knave. One of the funniest stuff Puck did was replacing bottoms’ head with that of an ass which later him off. Bottom is also a mortar who loves to dance,
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The most important pieces of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night Dream is the difference between our real mortal world and a whole different planet where fairies, sprites, deities and other spiritual beings exist. Am going to explore the overlap and difference between these two different realms about what really happens in our world and that of the fairies. For this argumentative essay on Midsummer Night’s Dream, we going to look at Puck and Bottom’s life, although Bottom being human whiles Puck unlike Bottom is the opposite, and they also have a lot of similarities and differences between them but I know for a fact that one cannot exist without the other in the story. They are really similar in fact that what they All talk about has visions, dreaming and old fashion sleep in it. Bottom said in chapter IV, I 203 to 205 and I quote ‘’God’s my life! I have had a most rare vision. I have had a dream’’ after that happened he thought he was then holy, he was referring to the vision Puck made him have. And Puck also had the same or similar dream or should I say lived it, he then said and I quote ‘’ while these
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