A Midsummer Night's Dream Puck Analysis

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I have selected the character of Puck (also called as Robin Goodfellow) from the Shakespeare’s MSND. This is one of the most important characters of this play. He is the mischievous spirit who works for the Oberon (The king). Puck is the nearest thing the play has to a protagonist. His mischievous spirit overruns the atmosphere, and his activities are in charge of a significant number of the complexities that build up the fundamental plots riotously. More essential, Puck's eccentric spirit, magical favor, carefree humor, and beautiful, suggestive dialect pervade the atmosphere of the play. Wild contrasts, for example, the certain examination between the harsh, earthy craftsmen and the sensitive, smooth fairies, rule the play. Puck appears to…show more content…
He exploits one of mankind's shortcomings, love. For Puck, love is either an aggravation (played more insidious than great) or only a clever thing that humans and different creatures sufficiently inept to fall into it do to demonstrate to him a chuckling decent time. Truth be told, a standout amongst the most acclaimed citations in the play is Puck's announcement: Master, what tricks these mortals be! on the grounds that it catches the overstated absurdity of the lovers' conduct; second, since it denote the complexity between the human lovers, totally consumed in their feelings, and the magical fairies, devious and never excessively genuine. By what means can a character that is absent in the greater part of the play be viewed as the primary one? The appropriate response is truly simple and straightforward: in light of the fact that without his mistakes, the plot is lost and silly. Since without his naughtiness, the play would not be a drama. Puck is the person who ties and unfastens, distorts and makes as he pleases. What's more, in spite of the fact that he has made all that bedlam, toward the end he settle his mistakes by reestablishing the love adjust in the two couples of lovers, unthinkable without his intervention. At long last, is Puck who in a way conveys the principle message of the play and perhaps masks all the conceivable assaults to society or individual offenses in his last discourse? As Puck is magic, all happened was magic as well, and as he is Puck, everyone will be given good fortunes. So it can be concluded that Puck is one of the major characters of Shakespeare’s MSND. He is a mischievous spirit who works for the Oberon (The king). He play very important role in MSND and also have great impact of other characters of the play. He is the character who makes the base of the play. Without his character the play MSND seems lost and
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