Pudd Nhead Wilson Character Analysis

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What makes all of us different? Is it the way we look or is it our personality? Or is it the environment and our surroundings? Studies have shown that a person seems to adapt to the people and items that are around them. In society it seems that everyone has to be the exact same, and if you aren't then you are an out cast. Most people don't necessarily like the thought of being different from everyone else because it could lead to bigger events that could cause more harm in the future.
Mark Twain being the phenomenal writer he is wrote a book that idea of blending in and adapting to your surroundings to a whole new level with writing his book Pudd'nhead Wilson. One of the main events that happened in the book was that Roxy, a slave that works for Percy Driscoll, switches her son, Chambers or “Tom”, with the baby of her slave owner, Tom of “Chambers”. In the book both of these boys are switched to show the sole purpose of Roxy wanting her son to grow up not as a slave. Both of the boys when they grow up are totally the opposite of their actual parents. This bringing up the fact that what you are surrounded by what you tend to transform
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Chameleons tend to change colors some people may believe to blend in. Most humans wish they could just blend in. Chameleons change to camouflage with the environment that they are in. Studies have shown that Chameleons tend to use the ability to camouflage for protection. An article said, “Chameleons are one of the most famous champions of quick color change, alternating between stealthy camouflage and flashy displays within minutes”( How do Chameleons Change The Color Of Their Skin? 1). Therefore Chameleons are like humans in the sense that both, humans and the chameleons, don't want to be noticeable so they do what they have to. With Chameleons they change colors, with humans we all were the same brand or the same make up or anything that make us all look

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