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Chase Hegeman Mr. Smith English 2 23 September 2015 Pueblo Indians What is so special about pueblo houses? Well for starters they live in the Arizona and New Mexico, there is one tribe the lives in Texas. What makes them special is that the befriended the Spaniards so they never had to leave their home, so they are still there today. Pueblo comes from the spanish word ‘town’. Spaniards found the native americans in the 16th century and since they lived in the adobe houses named them Pueblos. Today, the word ‘Pueblo’ stands for the tribe of indian. There houses were unique, unlike other indians, their houses were made of adobe, and stationary, they didn 't move around. They made their houses by laying strips of adobe and letting it dry, after…show more content…
The pueblo people are still around today, and so is the historical sites, the pueblos go and visit the old ruins because their ancestors lived their, so why not respect their old home. In this video a house that took forever to make came crumbling down when somebody messed with it, there is over 6 billion people in the world, and there isn’t 6 billion pieces of pottery on the ground, if everyone took a single peace then there would be nothing left. Likewise if every single person took a single brick there would be no house left. Pueblos ask tourist not to mess up the surrounding because it’s a sacred place where they can come and pray to their ancestors, who they believe still linger in their old homes. CONCLUSION What exactly was covered in this paper? Well considering the opening question was “What makes pueblo houses so unique?” I would say that Pueblo Houses were covered. What makes them so unique, for starters they were made hundreds of years ago, second they were used by the same people for hundreds of years, and last but not least they look like modern day apartments. A Pueblo which is their proper name, so Pueblos lived in Pueblo’s, could hold a whole town or tribe. One thing that fascinates people is the fact the they befriended the spanish conquistadors unlike other tribes. On google maps there is a pueblo town of the Acoma Pueblo’s people can come and see what a Pueblo looks like in
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