Puerto Rican Education System

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Puerto Rico Lauren Brott Spanish 2 P.6 11/5/15 Introduction Puerto Rico, a self-governed individual in association with the United States, includes the islands of Mona, Vieques, and Culebra. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan, and also the biggest city there. Demographics Most Puerto Ricans appear to be white, but few are European ancestry, There is also African, and Taino ancestry. The population of Puerto Rico is 3,725,789. The Catholic Roman church is the most dominant religion. Taíno Indians are the most common tribe in Puerto Rico. Economy The Exports in Puerto…show more content…
School is mandatory within the ages 5 years old, to 18. Students in Puerto Rico can pick either public or private schools. As of 2013, there were 1,460 public schools and 764 private schools on the island. The overall literacy rate of the Puerto Rican population was 94.1%, when divided by gender. Geography Puerto Rico is in North America. The total water area is 145 square km. The total land area is 8,959. Puerto Rico is more of a rectangular shape and is 100 miles long and 35 miles wide. The Island of Puerto Rico is a tourist population because of its warmth and its history. Puerto Rico is located on the Caribbean. Puerto Rico includes these islands; Vieques, Culebra, Culebrita, Palomino, Mona, and Monito. Boarders are open between Puerto Rico and the U.S because it is better access for merchandise etc.…show more content…
Puerto Ricans have many traditions also. They celebrate something like the world’s longest Christmas. The festivities start on November 23 and go until the end of January when the Fiestas start. Epiphany is another of Puerto Rico’s traditional celebrations, where kids visiting their family get to collect the gifts left by the Three Wise Men. One important person at this time of year is the Puerto Rican Jibaro, figures, because that represents the island’s old classes. They could be easily noticed by what they wear, a shirt with trousers and a neck tie. Puerto Ricans also have a traditional hat, known as a ‘pava’. The Jibaro wore a nice shirt, a skirt and a poppy in their hair. Puerto Ricans also celebrate the Night of Saint John , where crowds of people go to the beaches in the island to jump into the sea seven times. They believe that this ritual clears them of their bad luck. Puerto Rico 's attraction is their reputation for festivals, and fiestas. The music in Puerto Rico ranges from popular and folk types to classical works. Salsa is one of the main new things in Puerto Rican music because is grown in African rhythms. Puerto Rico has classical composers and performers and has been the site of the international Casals Festival since the
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