Puissance In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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Evil because of puissance, pride and Fear.
Buddha once verbally expressed, “It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him into evil ways.” In the book, “Lord Of The Flies” by William Golding, the characters are British boys whose plane has been shot down and they land on an island. As they time goes by the group experiences vicissitudes in phrenic state and values and they go from civilized to savages. The boys perform actions that they may deem as compulsory for survival, but the way the actions occur show the evil and savagery. The evil within human energies when one fears to accept their actions, has the desire for power and pride
People will do anything to experience the feeling of puissance, even things that are inhumane.
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M Kushner, it tells us about the different reason that scapegoating transpires. Everyone scapegoats someone“since we may find ourselves condemned bullies and world bellwethers while gainsaying our own inclination to split off and project fears and anxieties onto our intimates and neighbors.” In day to day life there are many negative things that one learns about themselves. As one is inculcating themselves on the noetic conceptions in their encephalon, they are shocked when they optically discern the negative and malignant things that they cerebrate of. Their main goal is to keep that information to themselves and they commence inculpating other people for the negatives. In the book, when the group was together, Piggy was the main scapegoat. But as time goes by, the boys need something else to inculpate their quandaries on. They then target the beast “this head is for the beast. It's a gift.”(Golding 89). They commence worshipping the beast and giving it different thing to not make it attack them. They scapegoat the beast by saying they cannot climb the mountain because the beat is there and because they can't climb the mountain, they can't reach civilization. The trepidation that the characters have compared to the trepidations of people in the authentic world are identically tantamount: they don't optate to accept their
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