Puke Girl: A Short Story

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Laying in bed hopeless with tens of doctors staring at me. My weak tiny body and red puffy eyes staring in shock looking for my parents, my gaze was left wandering around the room. You see it all started at a school playground what I thought would be a normal day, but little do I know this day changed my whole life. It all started when I was in the fifth grade at my art class drawing a horrible looking garden but in my eyes, Picasso had nothing on me. The bell rang and as soon as I got out my stomach suddenly flipped on me and I started to throw up in the trash, thank god nobody saw me other than my art teacher Miss Noof I mean I wouldn’t like to be called “Puke Girl” for the rest of my elementary years. The look of worry in Miss Noof eyes was sincere none of the teachers genuinely care about their student like Miss Noof did but the way she rushed to help me and took me to the nurse’s room made me realize how much did she really care about us. I kept on throwing up in the nurse’s room I remember my poor mother who was at Qatar university at that time insisting on taking me to the hospital because she knew deep down that it was…show more content…
One of the doctors was opening my mouth while saying “Oh lord I can smell the sugar in her breath that’s not good that’s not good at all,” I was in pain. Next morning, I woke up in a hospital room with my mom on my side I have never felt safe while being in pain at the same time, she told me “Sweetie you have diabetes do you know what that
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