Pulling Your Own Strings Analysis

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Pulling Your Own Strings Summary In “Pulling Your Own Strings” everybody seems to be victims. What exactly is a victim? Well a victim is someone harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or any other event or action. In this case everyone is a victim by being harmed. In the situations given either someone is harmed by words or physical actions. According to the book we make or let ourselves be victims. If you are in an abusive relationship you are a victim. You “let” yourself be physically and mentally abused and in these situations you are more than likely showing your abuser that you are scared and that he has power over you. According to Mr. Dyer you need to NOT show fear or any emotions at all and you need to stand up for yourself. By doing so you are showing your abuser that he cannot beat you and you will not take the abuse. I don’t agree with fighting fire…show more content…
Kids don’t ask to be picked on the bully just does it because he thinks another child looks funny or isn’t wearing the nicest clothes. That isn’t the child’s fault. Not everyone is able to have nice things so therefor the child did not make himself a victim. When you are being victimize you can’t always talk it out especially if you are in an abusive relationship. Abuses always say, “it won’t happen again” and “I’m so sorry baby, I love you. Please forgive me” etc. but it will always happen again if you keep listening and accepting their apology’s. Words are just words when coming from an abuser’s mouth. Be loyal to yourself and get out of the situation if you can. I agree with very little things Mr. Dyer has said like stand up for yourself and teach your child to defend themselves as well, but I strongly disagree with the fact that everyone is a victim and it each their own faults. Like stated before I don’t think some child choses or asks to be a
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