Pullman Hotel Reflection

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Reflection on Pullman G Hotel Events

“Hotel Development and Management” are such an important subject that could not be overlooked in the service industry. One has to understand its value and importance in order to be successful in running hotels. To be able to have an opportunity to gain access to a particular hotel, where they held sessions and shows procedure on how they handle the operation is one lifetime fortune. Especially, when the hotel is of 5 stars and held in high regard on the market. I have been lucky, got invited to Pullman Bangkok G hotel by our professor, Supatcharajit Jitpraphai, I have gained an enormous experience from the trip. It was truly one of greatest fieldtrip I ever had ever since I got into the faculty. I would truly love to share my experience, knowledge-gained and opinion about the trip on this report.

Pullman Bangkok G is a proclaimed 5 stars boutique hotel on Silom road. Located at the heart of the city Pullman Bangkok G is one of the most well-known and distinguished hotels on the capital city of Bangkok. Once I have heard that I got the opportunity to visit this hotel, my heart pumped in excitement. Although, there are fees and some cost that was required, I paid no attention to it at all. To me, this sort of experience is much more valuable than the so-called “money”. It is a sort of self-investment where you invested in yourself to better your own future. A fee of 1300 baht that was charged is really a trifling matter compared to what I

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