Pulp Fiction Analysis

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Does the film fall into any particular genre?
Quentin Tarantino 's Pulp Fiction is a mixture of a few different types of genres, it is considered a gangster movie but there are more layers to it than one genre, at the time when it was made it was an independent film (Indie Film), black comedy, Drama and a Thriller.

How does the film address the themes/issues of adversity?

In general, the film is about American nihilism, the transformation of the characters involved in the movies plot, Jules and butch who 's stories unfurl in non-logical order.
Jules starts the film with a narrow view on life, we are first introduced to Jules on a job with another character Vincent who has just arrived back from spending 3
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Butch is the next to kill a man during his boxing fight, why?, only Marcellus knows why all these killings had to happen, almost like a God/Devil like being in the film dictating the actions of all involved in the films plot. In the action of Killing his opponent in the ring he goes agenced the motivation of Marcellus leading to further complications in his life, which bring to the 3rd recurring theme of the film, co-incidence or faith. Vincent actually meets butch after they(Vincent and Jules) clean themselves up after there mishap with Marvin, Vincent meets Butch in the bar after Marcellus is done his deal with butch, this is before butch kills Vincent with his guard down who was sent to kill butch by…show more content…
In doing this Butch is freed of his enemy Marcellus after saving his life, Butch is now free to live the rest of his life without looking over his shoulder and is a better man for
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