Puma College Student Analysis

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As a fifteen year old, I never thought I would be thinking about college so early, what irony! I stood a little surprised when my teacher gave me a paper which said I earned the opportunity to go to college early. I actually did not know that was possible; I decided to learn a little bit more about the program, Puma College Connection Program. After learning a little more about the program I knew I needed to take advantage of the opportunity. I talked to my parents and they both agreed, so I feel encouraged and hopeful for my future.
There are a lot of benefits I would be able to attain as a young teenager willing to take the advantage of completing some
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I carry lots of positive strengths: for example, the ability to be in almost all honors classes and still keep up with the school work. I am very positive, especially in crucial moments when school seems the most stressful and I need to keep myself going. An important trait I posses is perseverance which helps me in school, to keep doing what I need to do in order to reach my purpose of action. I uphold strong characteristics that allow me to be a worthy student. I am a very commendable student, but I am not perfect so I do have a couple of weaknesses. Sometimes it is hard to do what is needed under short timeline constraints; for example, homework. I really do not like doing homework when multiple classes demand it at the same time, even if I do end up finishing the homework or projects. Procrastination is a real struggle, especially if someone is a student because procrastination is not an
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