Puma Marketing Concept

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The marketing concept is surrounded by three aspects – 1.Customer satisfaction 2.Total Company Effort 3. Profit. A successful marketing strategy must consider how satisfy the customers needs and wants so that potential clients would be attracted to purchase your product or service. Effort would be put in by the company to try their best to satisfy potential customers and retain existing loyal clients . Once this is done , companies would start earning profit . Therefore , the most successful and effective marketing strategy is not to ponder on how to maximize profit . A marketing strategy can be a success when effort is placed on how to fulfil customer’s needs and increase their loyalty to the brand.…show more content…
For the product aspect of the Puma’s marketing mix , it has been quite a success as there are more customers after the variety of products increases more and more . Also , the frequent launch of stylish and peculiar products has also attracted more customers and manages to fulfil their desire to follow the fashionable trend. For example , in this aspect ,Puma beats Adidas on looks as Adidas sticks to their same old design and never changes . However , Puma emphazizes on innovation and creativity , the same type of products should be very different in looks , so this definitely attracts customers. 2 P : Place Puma focuses on retailing expansion. As most of Puma’s competitors, their products are sold over 120 countries around six continents . As said before , there are 540 stores worldwide and numerous outlets around the world. Throughout the years , more and more stores are opened in many countries throughout the world. Most of the Puma footwear are distributed to multi-brand storefronts as well as the exclusive Puma stores that can be found everywhere around the…show more content…
However , Puma normally uses premium pricing strategy because Puma views its brand as premium. Premium pricing strategy means maximizing profit in areas where customers are happy to pay more. For Puma , premium pricing strategy may not be the best pricing strategy as nowadays , there are more and more price buyers , which means people who buys products at the cheapest place and only see the price as the only consideration . Even when price buyers were once a loyal customer of the company, if this strategy continues , they may not still be loyal and may go to other cheaper companies to be their loyal customer. 5 P : People Puma has always provided high quality customer service to customers and sales would provide trailor-made services to clients. They would analyze their customers needs and wants and eventually help them pick out the product which is most suitable to them. This can make both the customer and company happy as customers eventually end up purchasing the ideal product and the company can earn profit because of

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