Pumpkin Assessment Paper

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One of the most important aspects of the assessment that I missed, was having the students answer higher-level thinking questions. The assessment was to fill out the graphic organizer of the five senses. Although this is hard for some students to think of adjectives to describe the pumpkin, the students did not have to have too much thought behind the assessment. To improve the assessment I would add some questions about predicting what the inside of a pumpkin would look like, feel, smell, taste, and sound or, the students could predict a rotten pumpkin with the five senses to allow them to think deeper. Once the students predicted they could write why they predicted the changes. This would give the students a chance to think of pumpkins in a deeper way.
In order to improve the planning and delivery of the lesson, planning for all of the small details will help the delivery process go smoothly. In the original lesson plan the students had ten minutes to work on the graphic organizer at their own pace. Once the students started to work I realized to help the students complete the organizer I needed to keep time for them and move them onto the next sense together. When I started to move them along the students started to think of more and stay on topic. Also, I believe to make the lesson appeal more to the
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Since this was the first time I have ever taught a lesson to younger students I was not thinking of having the students use the clip chart in the class. At the end of the lesson, the students had a higher than normal noise level and the desks were pushed away from the normal setting. Next time, I need to utilize the clip chart to award good behavior and to show consequences to the ones who are not following directions. In the future, I will also use the clapping method to regain the attention of the students to bring the noise level down to an appropriate
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