Punch Worthy Car Crash Advertisement Analysis

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Is that “cold one” before driving a good idea? Is it worth your family going to your funeral? We see the aftermath of drinking and driving all the time. The total loss vehicles, mangled bodies and even worse, the innocent victims. The ad “Punch worthy car crash” was published on January 22, 2013 to address the dangers of drinking and driving. This is a prime representation of what driving drunk is like, a punch in the face. The design of this ad is truly unique. Although the message of the ad is clear due to its attractive layout, their portrayal of innocent lives of sober drivers and the impact of drunk driving.
The ad portrays a clear message through its attractive layout. The ad features a fist with a truck drawn on it punching a guy’s face with a car drawn on it. The image serves as a metaphor for the effects of drinking and driving. The guy with the car drawn on him illustrates the innocent
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The impact of drunk driving effects many people even outside of those involved. Someone has to now live without a parent, grandparent, child or spouse. The lasting consequences and effects that come long after the accident itself is what changes the lives of families and relationships forever. Death is something that you don’t come back from which is why getting behind the wheel is one of the single most unwise choices that you could make.

All in all, we can conclude that intoxicated driving is a bad idea. No part or such a choice will end well for anyone involved. But let’s say you get away with it once or twice, now you’ve lulled yourself into a false state of security. When something finally does happen, you will never see it coming. Due to not only the obvious consequences of drunk driving, but also the mere shame and guilt associated with taking an innocent life, it’s safe to say that intoxicated driving really is a “Punch in the

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