Punctuality In Nursing

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Nursing is a diverse field which is growing in scope every year. In light of its ' inherent competitiveness, it is proving more crucial to stand out as a professional, not just for the sake of hiring opportunities, but in providing the best care possible for the patient. While “professionalism”carries different meanings for different people, there does exist a common thread: communication. Everything we do as nurses sends a message, from our attire to our language. The content of the message being sent is entirely up to the nurse, but the various avenues used to transmit it are invaluable. Polished communication in all forms is what is needed to send a message regarding ones ' own qualifications within this “professional status of…show more content…
The way in which you navigate through designated tasks, and the knowledge you impart on to others conveys an aptitude in the nursing field. In addition, competency contributes to accountability, a respected trait in the well-rounded nurse. Accountability is essentially “the process in which individuals have an obligation or duty to act and are answerable for their actions” (Silvestri, 2016). Awareness of ones ' scope of practice, combined with the ability to carry out those skills to which it encompasses, coalesce into an extremely important facet of the professionals ' image.
Punctuality is another sought-after trait of the professional worker. Clocking in on-time demonstrates devotion to ones ' job, as well as the coworkers they 're scheduled to relieve. Dependability is one of the first things one can do to establish a positive reputation among their peers, especially if they 're just embarking on their healthcare careers. Particularly for those colleagues who don 't know you well, your consistent presence and reliability may provide a great sense of comfort. On the same token, promptness carries over to quality patient care. Clients appreciate a nurse who is
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