Punishment In Dr. Mudd's Assassination

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Dr. Mudd’s Punishment Dr. Mudd’s punishment was too harsh for his involvement with John wilkes Booth. Mudd had not known about Booth planning to assassinate the president. In the article it states, “The doctor rose from his bed, assisted Booth, set the fractured bone. But he did not know, he had no reason to suspect, his patient was a fugitive.” Dr. Mudd had no idea of Booth’s plan and if he did he would have been weary of Booth knowing that he could be on the run. But he didn’t. He didn’t suspect anything. Mudd had met Booth once, prior to the assassination. In the article is says “ Mudd had met Booth on at least one occasion prior to Lincoln’s assassination.” Yes Booth could have told Mudd all about his plans, but the book said

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