Punishment In Hammurabi's Code

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Have you ever broke some rules in a game, cheated or broke the law? If you got a punishment did you think it was too harsh? Personally, I think the punishment in Hammurabi’s code is unfair and too harsh. Hammurabi’s code includes unfairness to women and different social classes. The punishments were also too harsh and cruel. Hammurabi’s code was unfair to women. As it states in law 148 document C, if a wife of a man has a disease and her husband is determined to marry a second wife, he will marry her. However, he will not divorce his first wife. She will live in the house they had built together and he will maintain her as long as she lives. This law is unfair to the first wife because if her husband really loved her he would not marry a second wife. The woman might not want to stay with a man that does not truly love her. However, she has no choice but to stay with her husband and his new wife. This is why one of the reasons Hammurabi’s code is unjust. Another law that is unjust to women, is law 213, document E, if a man kills the baby inside a daughter of a free man, he will pay 2 shekels of silver. This is unfair to the woman because the man killed the baby and he does not need to pay much for it. The man also pays her father and not her which is unjust to her. The unfairness to a woman only gets worse. In law 213, If a man killed the baby inside of a slave-girl of a free man he will pay 2 shekels of silver. Even though she is a slave-girl if her baby is killed the man
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