Punishment Of Zeus In Prometheus By Hesiod

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Zeus wanted man to bring a part of an animal they sacrificed, as a gift to the gods. This is when Prometheus decided to trick Zeus. Therefore, Prometheus had one pile of bones wrapped in fat, and another pile of the hide, but hidden in the hide was the good meat. Zeus only wanted one part of the sacrificed animal, so Prometheus made Zeus chose which one he wanted. However, Zeus picked wrong, he chose the bones. “But Zeus in the anger of his heart hid it, because Prometheus the crafty deceived him; therefore he planned sorrow and mischief against men.” (Hesiod, Works and Days, 42-58). As a punishment Zeus hid fire from mankind. Obviously not good enough because it was stolen yet again, so that it could be given back to man. In return Zeus decided to give another punishment. Sent down as a “gifts”, one of which was an irresistibly beautiful women. Pandora was her name. Pandora had be sent down with another gift, but she was forbidden to open it. Zeus sent her down to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus.…show more content…
However, Pandora’s beauty was too much for Epimetheus to handle. Therefore, he let her in to stay. Even though Pandora wasn’t allowed to open the jar, she still could. She really want to know what was in there, and why she was forbidden to open it. Eventual she as well broke, “curiosity kills” quite literally in this instance. Pandora cracked the jar open. In return almost everything in the jar was set loose, “countless plagues, evils, diseases, bringing mischief to mortals silently” (Hesiod, Works and Days, 83-108). There was one this that was stuck on the lip of the jar,
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