Punta Cana Essay

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“Travel is very subjective. What one person loves, another loathes.” Robin Leach
Before leaping into someone else’s exciting traveling experience, I would recommend doing self-evaluation, an honest review of what you truly appreciate and what you do not care much for.
Would you care for a whole day/whole night party in Ibiza? Or a 2 A.M trek in Java, Indonesia with your flashlight?
Would it be more exciting to visit Punta Cana and stay in an all-inclusive beach resort with plenty of prearranged activities or spend a night camping in the Grand Canyon gawking at the stars?
Do you absolutely need a 5star hotel for your entire journey or do you just need an innocuous clean place to lay your head?
None of these options are better than the others or
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You need to be open minded and on the go.

The party life on the other hand, involves being up all night and potentially day, with often a great deal of drinking.

The Glamour – luxury trip, as the name suggests, requires a hefty Budget. It might also portray in extended shopping hours, staying in a luxury accommodation thus just relaxing.

There are conurbations that offer a good balance of all three experiences: cities such as Paris, Sydney, Barcelona and most major cities around the word. However, at times in cities, the true cultural facet tends the wash off and only be revived the further you travel from the major metropolitan and venture away from modernization.

Other factors to consider:

Budget: A luxury trip as the name calls it will likely come with a steeper price tag, cultural trips tend to be reasonably priced
Purpose: Are you curious or are you looking for a familiar environment? Striving to connect with nature and/or volunteer while on your journey?
Energy level is a crucial factor to consider. A doctor’s clearance may be necessary before engaging in a physically demanding
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