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It started as an accident. I was thirteen and still do not remember what compelled me to download a virtual stock market app on my iPod touch. Maybe it was listening to my uncle speak about the trades he made with his stocks or maybe it was my interest in The Jim Cramer show on MSNBC. Now, with my new game downloaded, I ‘purchased’ some shares of well-known companies and forgot about the app for a couple of months until one day I opened it. I scrolled down to the last stock I had invested in. PBYI, the company I initially thought was PUMA, was a Biotech stock, and it had doubled in value. This was almost too easy. I purchased more well-known stocks and closed the app again.

As I concentrated on my life as a high school freshman, I forgot about my investments and invested my time in my studies. It was not until the end of freshman year I reopened the game out of curiosity. There hadn’t been much
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My parents warned me to do my research because this was real money and I could lose it quickly. I used the earnings from my summer job and began trading for real. After that summer, my account was profitable; I was pleased. I used specific strategies from what I learned in all the books and had shifted it to fit my style. I was trading using resistance and support. Resistance is like a ceiling while support is like platform. If the stock price went through the resistance level, I would buy and then I would sell after it went up a little. I was reaping the benefits, and I decided to increase my…show more content…
I set out on a mission to create an investment club at my high school. I first emailed one of my economics teachers. However, he said he could not do it. I felt committed to pursue the idea and emailed another faculty member and to my delight, agreed to be the club sponsor. The first Cside Investment Club was
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