Puppy Love Definition

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Puppy Love
I believe in kindness.
The type of kindness when you truly and unconditionally love something, no matter what it can or cannot give you in return. I believe in this type of kindness and respect for both people and animals. Everyone and everything needs someone to love and to love them back.
I have seen this true kindness before. I was, rather reluctantly, volunteering at a poodle rescue for school when I met Kelly. Kelly was a handsome poodle mix who had been abandoned by his owner. The day I visited him was the second week he had been at the rescue.
“This is Kelly.” I heard a woman say. I turned around to see two women walking towards the dog, who was stuck in a pen.
“Aww! He is so cute!” the other woman said after seeing the poodle. “Why would anybody want to get rid of him?” When she said that, I started thinking. Why would anyone abandon such a great dog? I’d bet he was a fine pet before being abused like he was. I knew that I needed to stop there, before I started crying
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The employees and people who worked so hard to get Kelly to a safe place, even though they were just denied and snapped at over and over. The volunteers at the rescues, giving all of their time to these innocent pets in order to save them. The people who adopt shelter and rescue pets, who save a dog and take the risk of owning a broken, distrusting, unloving dog instead of buying one that is guaranteed to be near perfect. People who volunteer, people who save dogs, and the people who adopt the abandoned dogs all show kindness. I don’t always show this kindness easily, but I can. My sympathy for people and animals makes me all too emotional hearing about the situation Kelly was in. I believe that every person and animal deserve somebody to love and to love them. I believe that I can show love to everything. I believe in
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