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Ever wondered what goes behind the scenes at puppy mills, when you find out you’ll be shocked. Puppy mills aren’t all they're cracked up to be, in fact if you saw how the animals live and how they're treated. You’ll rethink buying or adopting an animal from a pet store. Puppy mills are horrible places for animals, and they should be closed down. In this speech I will be discussing what a puppy mill is, what they do, why they're bad, the conditions of the animals, and who they sell to. What you should learn is that puppy mills don't treat their animals well. Mothers are constantly bred giving them little or no time to recover from having puppies. Their kept in small cramped cages with little to no room to move around, and are most likely never let out of there cages. If a mother is no longer able to reproduce they are often killed or abandoned to make room for new females. When breeding them they are often give steroid or hormones to increase the number of puppies they can have in one litter. All of this…show more content…
Why not take all the effort in producing dogs in puppy mills, and putting it into better use, like finding homes for unwanted or homeless dogs in animal shelters. Some of the most well behaved dogs come from animal shelters. Shelters take in unwanted, lost, or homeless animals off the street and find them loving homes. They are also a lot cheaper than getting a puppy from a puppy mill. Puppy mills over charge on dogs that aren’t well behaved, fixed, and a lot of them are sick animals. Most of the time you can get an animal from a shelter neutered or spayed, but at puppy mills you have to pay out of pocket both for medical bills and the puppy itself. Puppy mills as you can see are terrible place, don’t these dogs look upset and sad. They aren't taken care of and it

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