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What Is a Puppy Mill? There are roughly about 10 to 15,000 puppy mills in the United States that are taking advantage of animals just to make an extra dollar, these dogs have to live through unsanitary living conditions which can be deadly, and are being abused without taking into consideration of what it is doing to them physically. Dogs that are in puppy mills have to live through unsanitary conditions. They are often kept in small wire cages that are inside sheds. These cages are not big enough for what is normally needed. Such as the proper veterinary care, and have the correct amounts of food and water, that they need in order to survive. There are many puppy mills throughout the United States, so the puppies that are sold are not traceable, because of just how many there are. In one …show more content…

Female dogs are often over bred, and have very little time between each litter for recovery. After so many times of this process the females reach a certain point where they can not reproduce any longer. They are then not worth anything and are sometimes killed by the owners. The owners do this often by themselves on their property. Puppy mills are more prone to having diseases that are present from birth. This includes diseases that can lead to heart conditions and other blood and respiratory disorders that the puppy can develope. Since the puppies leave their mother at such a young age, they often have problems with anxiety and also may have behavior problems throughout their lifetime. Since the dogs spend most of their life in the cages their hair and nails can grow onto the cage, which causes them to be stuck in one spot and not be able to move. The spend most of their days unintended and fights could break out, and injurges are untreated. Dogs have to go through many things that are unneeded and unfair for them, when they shouldn 't have to

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