Rhetorical Analysis Of Puppy, Monkey, Baby By Mtn Dew

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In the advertisement, Puppy, Monkey, Baby, Mtn Dew takes a unique approach to appeal to their audience. The commercial begins with three guys mentioning how they would like to relax for that day, however, a hybrid animal appears out of nowhere. This unexpected appearance leads to a chain of events where eventually the three individuals follow the animal and drink the beverage it gives them.
A few rhetorical techniques were used to draw the viewer’s attention, one of them being repetition. The repetition of the phrase “puppy, monkey, baby” for numerous times helped stick with the audience. Additionally, it emphasizes the uniqueness of the drink and allows the reader to remember the catchy song. Symbolism, being another technique, was also present in the commercial, the symbol being the hybrid animal. The hybrid animal represents a hybrid drink containing three things that should not associate with each other but end up working well together. Understanding that symbolism greatly emphasizes the importance of the drink’s concept. Finally, pathos was another rhetorical technique where the ad appealed to the silliness of the intended audience.
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The drink’s name is essential for customers to go outside and buy it, yet, in the ad the company hardly mentions the name of the drink. If the advertisement included the drink’s name throughout the commercial and mentioned it multiple times it would bring more awareness to the drink. Awareness directly correlates with people not forgetting the name of the drink which in return will increase sales of that drink. To make the source more effective would be to include some humor or satire. Humor is a great way to include the audience into the ad but provides great entertainment. This decision would establish a connection with the viewers, grab the viewer’s attention, and allow the audience to remember the
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