Puppy Monkey Baby Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Puppy Monkey Baby Analysis Essay Clearly Mountain Dew realized the competition of having a Super Bowl commercial and paying so much out of pocket for 30 seconds of advertising. PepsiCo knew they had to do something off the wall to grab people’s attention. They also knew the target audience had to be able to relate to why they’d want or need the product. So they came up with Puppy Monkey Baby, a combination of common Super Bowl commercial icons. Co-staring the target audience; young men. So how would they appeal to the target audience using Ethos, Pathos, or Logos? PepsiCo begins the commercial by one of the young men saying, “I think I’ll just chill.” So out comes “Puppy/Monkey/Baby” (PMB) carrying a cold bucket filled with Mountain Dew…show more content…
PepsiCo knew this would get us talking something made creepy that if separate is normal cute to us. When the creature is singing and dancing and the guys join it then makes us feel we want to do the same thing. So there is definitely a huge amount of mixed emotions in this commercial. But this is what gets us talking and makes it a success. Logos and Pathos especially plays a very important role in getting this commercial out there. Being talked about in person and on social media. Because this commercial was so strange and funny it was not easily forgotten. Though there were so many other Super Bowl commercials this one really stands out among them all. PepsiCo really got creative on this one. Even the music uses Pathos because it gets us pumped and excited to see how the beverage will make us feel ourselves. As they walk out of the apartment everyone is holding the Mountain Dew Kickstart following the Puppy/Monkey/Baby. This is when it is revealed how the Puppy/Monkey/Baby fits in to this commercial and explains PepsiCo’s reasoning. Mountain Dew Kickstart is known for its combination of fruit juice, Mountain Dew’s signature recipe, and caffeine. It’s very clear the Mountain Dew Kickstart drink is looking to be a hip and alternative energy drink. Today weird and “out there” get positive
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