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Pupusas my Favorite food, my favorites memories. Every country use different ways to identify, and represent their culture, like music, costumes, religion, and even food. I am from El Salvador the "Tom Thumb of the Americas" and most popular way to identify Salvadorians is with Pupusas, the number one food in El Salvador, certainly Pupusas are my favorite food as a good Salvadorian. Now that I am far away from my country, food is one of the things that keeps me connected with my country, family, and my memories in spite of the distance.it Is a pleasure for me to write my essay about the main traditional food for Salvadorians. I, personally think that it is extremely important to know the origin of my favorite food so I can appreciate and…show more content…
According to Wikipedia Pupusas were first created centuries ago by Pipil tribes who inhabited El Salvador territory (Pupusa. N.d. In Wikipedia). In the article “historia de la pupusa salvadorena” Cooking implements for their preparation have been excavated in Joya De Ceren “El Salvador’s Pompeii “this is a native village that was buried by Asher from a volcano explosion. From Joya De Ceren Pipil expand the dish to every city in El Salvador. The pre-Columbian pupusa were vegetarian and half-moon shaped. They were filled with squash flowers and buds, herbs such chipilin and mora, fungi and salt” (Historia de la pupusa salvadorena. 2013. In Redislam net.) At the present time Salvadorians are very creative filling pupusas, we used all kind of meats. “In the late 1940s, pupusas were still not widespread across El Salvador, and were mostly localized in the central towns, such as Quezaltepeque, and cities of the country” (Pupusa. N.d. In Wikipedia). As the population began migrating to other areas, pupusa stands proliferated across the country. “In 1980 El Salvador civil war forced many Salvadorians to migrate to others countries, mainly to United States of America”(Pupusa. N.d. In Wikipedia). Therefore pupusas became available outside the country. “Pupuserias” (name of the restaurant that make pupusas) can be found everywhere in United States…show more content…
My grandmother kitchen is my icon of exquisite taste. I grew up with her, and she owned a pupuseria in my childhood. Tomasita’s Pupuseria was the most popular pupuseria in my town, every weekend her house was full of people waiting to get a table or to take pupusas to go, one of the best memories ever. The smell of pupusas all around the block was paradise. It was her tradition to feed first her family before the pupuseria opened, so we as a family were the first ones to eat her exquisite dish. She used to make me pupusas with squash flowers and buds and till now this are my favorite’s

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