Purchasing Department Case Study

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Purchasing department has the responsibility to acquire materials from suppliers, assemble parts and services to produce or provide services to customers. However the purchasing department should ensure quality purchased and goods should deliver within specific period of time. The purchasing department has a special unit of work should abide, such as the duty to perform analytical work in provide reports and managing the operation efficiently. Purchasing department will allocate the duties and responsibilities to be assigning such as job descriptions and contribute toward the company's primary activities. The primary task is to secure the efficient supply from reliable suppliers and reduce the risk of losing credibility. Purchasing department
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E-commerce is not the process of buying and selling but as well providing service for customers and collaboration within business partners and conducting electronic transaction within an organisation-commerce has been beneficial for many organisation in term less of paper work, efficiency to integrate purchasing and ordering system, eliminate administrative tasks, provide service 24 hours and 365 days a years and ease commination with customers by using email, telephone or fax. There are transparency at every stage of transaction like negotiation in price, reduced time to market, reduce cost, create transparency amongst suppliers and facilitate reintermediation e-commerce can be differentiate into different type of businesses business to buisness,this electronic transaction occur between organisation .business to consumers, transaction between retailers and customers and customers to customers business. A customer can sell its product directly to other…show more content…
Ecommerce allow the interaction for an improvement in the effectiveness of planning both in demand and supply planning, which will able to collaborate with planning system in term of forecasting, e-marketplaces and replacement.Throught e-commerce, this type of service will able to find solution for new method of delivery in term of goods and services, such as virtualize inventory and change the fundamental relationship between customers, retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Moreover Ecommerce can transform its capacity into effectiveness, after sales service and support changers or returns goods and how to manage to repair the goods supplied. The chemical company can provide access to his employees by using the method of e-working for their workers in managing the supply chain and employees have the capacity to manage the complex events and issues might arise in supply
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