How To Kill A Soldier's Cruelty

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The book company K deals with pure cruelty, it explains how each soldier is affected during and after war. They were being brainwashed into killing each other, making it seem as if was ok to do shady things. They were manipulated into believing that they were doing the “honors” of saving the country by executing defenseless prisoners, which they were themselves. Company k’s soldiers had been lied to and robbed for their freedom and their own lives. They all were rewarded a new victim to kill each day. However I disagree with Company K’s cruelty on brainwashing soldiers into believing killing innocent prisoners is ok. I feel that's it isn’t cruel to kill someone who is trying to kill you in war because, your defending yourself. But I do say…show more content…
March writes(pg.222) “I could hear Sergeant Pelton giving the signal fire and I could see those prisoners falling and rising and falling again”. After his baby gets sick, his mind takes him back to the cruel things that happened in war. He can’t control what he’s thinking because he’s traumatized by it. On his behalf of being affected by war he breaks down. Qualls was fragile especially after being brainwashed to kill innocent prisoners. Qualls feels that no one can relate to him or understand what he’s going through, so he kills himself. March writes(pg.223) “I put the barrel in my mouth and pulled the trigger twice”.So due to the illness of war he ends it all he kills himself and this is what war caused him to do. He couldn’t take the pressure of his child being sick. According to Elsevier Ltd, “By contrast, many and by some accounts most veterans experience high levels of stress during the transition to civilian life.” Elsevier Ltd,“Transition stress is multifaceted and can lead to serious mental health problems.” In other words transitioning into the war can be a huge mental disorder on a soldier just as leaving the war can be. It can lead the dehumanization on themselves and
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