Summary Of The Poem 'The Hollow Men'

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The fear of being judged can leave a person feeling trapped in their day-to-day life. It could leave them feeling afraid to admit who they are, where they’ve been, and where it could take them in the end. “The Hollow Men” is a poem about the men stuck in a purgatory in between heaven and hell. These men are seen by others that pass through on their way to there eternity. The men do not follow them because they are afraid of their judgment, they are afraid of where they might go. So they stay in purgatory, alone. The story told by this poem, by the hollow men, show how these men are feeling trapped and are stuck because they fear their judgement day. This fear is leaving them trapped in their purgatory. The men stuck in this purgatory are there because they believe when they go to their judgement, they will be sent somewhere they do not want to go. They do not want to risk leaving purgatory and going some place they do not want to be. In the second section of the poem, the hollow man describes a set of eyes that shine down like a light in the dark onto him. He can hear the wind singing and he can see the trees swinging in the light above him. He refuses to look into the light, he…show more content…
They choose to hide from their judgement and stay in the darkness between heaven and hell. They disguise themselves from the eyes shining down on them, waiting for them to show themselves. The men feel scared of the answer they might be given when they go to judgement and find where they will spend eternity. The hollow men that Eliot writes about are hollow because they might have not done much in their life to be fit for heaven or hell. They are stuck in this purgatory because they are not enough for either fate. The hollow men fear heaven, and they fear hell. They are afraid to be told that they are not enough, and so they hide and they will continue to hide, maybe for all eternity all because they fear their
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