Puritan Beliefs And Values Essay

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The Puritans were the first and surprisingly largest colonists of America during Colonial Times. A separatist group that had migrated from England to escape persecution and to find a place where they could be religiously satisfied and undisturbed. The Puritans built their society in North America that revolved around a strong connection towards God and family. Although the Puritans were not the only group of people to migrate to North America or only group present in colonial times, they were one of the most impactful, and many of their ideals, morals, and values influenced the economic, political, and social development of New England. The Puritans’ strong views on religion affected how political, and social life developed. For example, the Puritan group believed that everyone were equal in the eyes of God. Their view on God, is believed to lead to the idea of a government where everyone is equal, that later formed in many parts of New England, a democracy. “Document C” states that the people of Salem, developed a covenant. This largely reflects the views, and morals that the people of New England lived by. This included an undisputable belief in God. This strong belief, was a major political argument that caused differences in the…show more content…
For example, “Document F” expresses an idea that some colonies in New England had the thought of religious freedom or something similar to it. This idea, was a value that Roger Williams, and his colony of Rhode Island took a strong liking in. This idea resulted in a diverse economy, because of the different types of people that could live without being bothered in Rhode Island. In “Document E” the ideals of education in New England, are expressed. The morals, that they show for education, how necessary it is helps an economy to grow with educated people involved, allowing the colony to grow and advance during Colonial
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