Puritan Beliefs

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The Puritan way of life dated back in the United States in the early settlement of the 1400’s and Puritan beliefs are much more than just a religious belief. The Puritans came to New England not save their souls but to initiate a "visible" kingdom of God, a society where external behavior would be according to God 's laws. This book discusses the aspiration of the Puritans to be socially righteous and their wish to force social virtue upon others. Everyone associated with the Puritan beliefs were in fact very devoted towards their beliefs, so much to the point of banishing citizens who opposed the written laws of Puritan societies. The laws and beliefs applied to everyone. This novel examines the various economic, social, political, and religious…show more content…
When the promise is created one has rights and duties. You had to transcribe an indenture, issue it, rephrase it in the present tense, perform the sacred ceremony and celebrate. Convincing the father that the daughter would be well acquainted is a vital process for marriage in Puritan society, however they could not force the child to marry someone that was not desired. Divorces were very infrequent dissimilar to today’s modern society nonetheless they did award the right to remarry another person. Furthermore, the act of marriage crimes such as adultery resulted in violent deaths or torture through the acts of whipping and humiliation. To maintain a successful marriage relationship a man must support his wife socially, sexually, physically and economically. Failing to support your wife or refusing to do so could lead to being fined or imprisonment. Most women did not have jobs or own their own business. Their place was to be at home with their children; raising them and helping them grow into adults. It was women’s responsibility to educate their children and explain to them about religion and God. The man hoisted before the family in the dwelling of god. On the other hand, the husband could not attack her or command her to do anything conflicting to the laws of god. The man did control the house however was not allowed to defy his marriage since failure to support his wife ends up in fines or
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