Puritan Definition Essay

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Puritans- was a dissenter religious group which was trying to reform the Church of England by what they referred to it as purifying it. Some of the first Puritans included Anne Dudley who was the first English-speaking poet and Simon Bradstreet. Their main goal to was to create a “holy” community in New England.
John Winthrop- the first governor and main person in charge of creating a model new society of Puritans in America.
Separatist- more commonly called Pilgrims came from England on the Mayflower in 1620 to escape religious persecution starting their settlement in Holland and then moving on to America. They were the origin of America, a small group of English families seeking the dream of freedom and prosperity. When they arrived here they founded the Plymouth colony which is now Massachusetts.
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Because of these beliefs, the general court forced him out of the colony and wanted to send him back to England but not before he fled to a local Narragansett tribe where he started a new colony which he called Providence.
Anne Hutchinson- was the second dissenter to be kicked out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony for her beliefs. One that was controversial was her thinking you did not need the church or its ministers to follow the word of God but that you could do it by yourself. Anne and her followers went to Rhode Island in 1938 to pursue these beliefs but she moved yet again in 1942 to New Netherlands when her husband died as she was allowed to practice her faith there.
Pequot War- In 1637 a war broke out in Connecticut when the Pequot and Narragansett Indian tribe had enough with the colonists but they were no match for the strength of the colonist websites and surrendered after losing most of their
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