Puritan In The Crucible

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In the book The Crucible by Arthur Miller takes place in 1692 during the Salem Witch Trials and it shows an abundant amount of examples of how puritans are not pure. Arthur Miller has made many detailed characters that showed how being a pure Puritan is not capable of a human. One of these characters is John Proctor, John is an average person in this time period just living his Puritan life; but is broken by a horrible sight in the woods. John Proctor also has a wife named Elizabeth, and she had her life changed greatly shortly after breaking news was passed throughout the village. The main cause to this news was caused by a housekeeper of John Proctor named Abigail Williams; Abby was caught dancing in the woods with other girls performing spells and witchcraft. When the news of these girls was spread around the village and all the people were aware of it people lives started to change. The minister Reverend Parris was very concerned with this news and started to take initiative and search into it with John proctor. Having…show more content…
Every Puritan knew that they would eventually sin, the question was just when would they sin. Every Puritan’s main goal in life is to be able to follow the Puritan belief system and die by the system. Arthur Miller was able to show this in his writing, he used John Proctor, Abigail Williams, and Reverend Parris as his main examples. John Proctor was the main example of how everyone sins and how people can't be perfect. God created a world where no one is perfect and this is how the Puritan belief system isn't possible to follow. Even though Puritan's believe they can go their entire life with sinning there is always gonna be the fact that no one's perfect. In this book The Crucible, Arthur Miller shows many examples of how the Puritan race in impure, John Proctor, Abigail Williams, and Reverend Parris are three examples that he
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