Puritans And Jonathan Edwards And Anne Bradstreet

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Puritans such as Jonathan Edwards and Anne Bradstreet would write personal history or diary type of literature to influence men and women across the nation on their strong biblical beliefs. Puritans are known for their wide spread faith on the bible, how they would preach, and the way they showed others the way of life that is suitable to enter to heaven. Many puritans believed there were people who were already chosen called the “selected”. Each puritan writer had their own way of getting others involved in the lifestyle of following the bible. Writers like Edwards and Bradstreet both wrote about God and the impact although they had different notions; from them having different points of view of how God felt, to the way they wrote and made their readers feel throughout their writings. In the early time there were believers of a powerful God, although they thought God was powerful they saw different points of view towards God’s emotions. Bradstreet thought of God as a helpful, kind, and powerful being, Edwards on the other hand saw god as a powerful, harsh, and strict being. To show Bradstreet’s view of God in her last stanza of “upon the burning of our house, july 10th 1666” she states “ A price so vast as in unknown.. Yet be his gift is made thee own; there’s wealth enough, I need no more..”. Here she explains how through it all it didn 't matter because the faith and power of God was greater. She says things to make God seem as a helpful, loving, and kind being. On
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