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Mary Rowlandson Ashleyann Mabatid Azusa Pacific University College Mary Rowlandson Reading this week’s assigned reading about Mary Rowlandson was interesting. Mary Rowlandson lived a Puritan life and she devoted her life to God. She had strong feelings that her actions and the followers around her did the right thing when they were confronted by the wilderness and people they did not understand. Her faith prevented them from understanding what was happening in the New World. The Puritans were devoted to Christ’s salvation. Rowlandson’s narrative simply describes her experience as a captive of the Native American’s when King Philip’s War during 1676, it talks about her capture and her return. When she was captured she observed her experience about God and the Bible. In the essay, she mentions God and the Bible a lot. When she got captured she said that she believed that it was a trial from God. Rowlandson mentions "And he said unto me, my Grace is sufficient for thee" (2 Corinthians 12.9) (Pg. 2) To me, this means that her weakness is her strength.…show more content…
Rowlandson’s references to Christianity began even before the depiction of her capture. The importance of religion in the Puritan society is evidenced throughout the text so much so that it may seem patent that all social judgments by her and those around her rely upon correctly biblically behavior. Mary Rowlandson also described how she tried to acknowledge the Sabbath day while captive, within the Fifth Remove. She wrote: “When the Sabbath came they bade me go to work. I told them it was the Sabbath day, and desired them to let me rest, and told them I would so as much more tomorrow; to which they answered me they would break my face. And here I cannot but take notice of the strange providence of God in preserving the heathen” (

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