Puritans Beliefs On The Puritan Way Of Life

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The puritans were religious reformers whose main beliefs were predestination, God, hard-work, and education. The puritans beliefs have carried out even today people who come to this country succeed through hard-work and persistence. The puritans lifestyle was very plain and based around what god thought of them every decision they would make they would base it around if god would be happy with them. The puritans’ way of life was very different to what we are used to today. They believed that everything that happened to them was because they were destined to. The puritans also believed that education was second most important next to god. Puritanism lasted from the late 1500’s to 1600’s and is still remembered and respected today. Puritanism…show more content…
Most puritans had distinct beliefs on what life should be and that they were destined to lead that life. Puritans believed in a very plain lifestyle which led to the banning of most holidays and not participating in entertainment activities. They felt that living a plain lifestyle brought them closer to god so they chose not to decorate their homes or do anything but work, pray, or learn. The puritans felt that a church should be itself and not be like the others. “Church attendance was mandatory” The puritans who did not attend church were killed. God was number one to the puritans and those who did not believe that were subject to death. Puritans prayed and put in hard-work which was most of their day which led to very important figures in history. Benjamin Franklin was a puritan and contributed many great things that we still use today. The puritan work ethic is a fantastic way to groom smart individuals. Benjamin Franklin was one of these individuals. Ben Franklin was born 1706 and died in 1790, but accomplished many things in his life. He was self-taught entirely and became one of the smartest men of the time period not only in one subject but he was well rounded in all fields. Benjamin Franklin helped write and sign the Declaration of Independence he also created bifocals which are a thing we still use to this day. Benjamin Franklin was a puritan and may have not done all of the great things he had done if he was not born in this time
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