Purnell School Theater Case Study

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Last Tuesday, November 14th, a rented Home Depot truck hurtled into a bike lane in lower Manhattan taking the lives of eight people, many of them tourists. Five of the victims were Argentines visiting New York City for a 30th High School reunion; another victim was from Belgium. Officials have called this attack the largest terrorist attack in New York City since September 11, 2001.
A twenty-nine year old man drove the rented truck on part of the West Side Highway bicycle path before turning towards Chambers Street where the rented truck hit a school bus. The school bus was occupied when it was hit which injured the two adults and two children who were inside the bus. After hitting the bus, the suspect left the truck with what looked like handguns. The New York Police Department soon shot and detained the suspect and a note was soon found declaring the attack an action for ISIS.
The suspected terrorist is Sayfullo Saipov who had been living in the United States since 2010 after initially living in Uzbekistan. He is now out of surgery
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The Purnell School’s theater boasts a raised stage and tiered seating providing a new experience for Gill St. Bernard 's performers. , the stage manager for “The Beaux’ Stratagem,” explained that performing at the Purnell School provided a unique opportunity to have an experience similar to that in a professional theater experience where rehearsals and performances occur in different locations. The show also included choreographed fight scenes with prop guns and swords. Meticulously timed and rehearsed, the dueling scenes in “The Beaux’ Stratagem” left a lasting impact on the audience. explains that it was her “First time ever being stage manager for a GSB production. I have a new appreciation for people who work behind the scenes and I’m glad I got to work with such a talented and supportive

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